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Multipurpose Fire Extinguishers

Multipurpose or ABC fire extinguishers meet a majority of the minimum code requirements and guidelines for most businesses. They come in a variety of sizes and are an economical way to ensure fire protection in most commercial applications. This type of fire extinguisher is one of the most preferred products sold and account for more than 80% of fire extinguisher purchases.

What are ABC / Multipurpose Fire Extinguishers?
An ABC fire extinguisher is labeled with a rating for Class B fires and Class C fires. The ABC fire extinguisher can also have a notation for Class A, Class B, and Class C fire multipurpose use. In sizes of five pounds to twenty pounds, ABC fire extinguishers contain monoammonium phosphate, a fire retardant powder. This yellow powder retards the fire through oxygen removal. A dry chemical agent, the powder leaves a sticky residue after a fire has concluded.

Extinguisher Tip
The chemical powder may cake after settling over a period of time. Gently rock the ABC extinguisher every few months to keep the agent from packing.

Dependable Fire Equipment sells, inspects, tags and installs multipurpose fire extinguishers throughout the Chicago land area. Contact us today for more information.