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Emergency Lighting Installation & Inspection

When most people think of commercial fire safety and protection, the first things that come to mind are fire alarms, extinguishers, and sprinklers. While these things are necessary pieces of the fire safety equation, they’re not the only ones! When the unexpected occurs—whether it be a fire or a power outage—emergency lighting such as emergency exit signs can offer a ray of hope and guide your employees and customers to safety. Dependable Fire Equipment provides professional emergency lighting installation and inspection for your peace of mind.

Emergency Lighting Installation
Dependable Fire Equipment specializes in providing small and large businesses alike with high-quality, professional emergency lighting installation that exceeds state and local fire code compliance standards. Our LED emergency exit signs are energy efficient and highly visible, so that you can ensure optimal safety for a fraction of the cost.

Emergency Lights Testing
Emergency lights offer little or no protection unless they’re working properly. That’s why Dependable Fire Equipment provides routine inspection of commercial emergency lighting for businesses throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area. Our comprehensive inspections include:

  • Panic Alarm and Exit Bar Testing
  • 90 Minute and Push Button Testing
  • Code Compliance Inspection
  • Battery and Bulb Replacement