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Emergency Exits & Panic Bars

Emergency exits and panic alarm bars can be life-savers in the event of an emergency. Once the door is opened and the alarm sounds, employees and/or customers throughout the building are alerted to the emergency and allowed the opportunity to escape a potentially disastrous situation. This makes emergency exit and panic bar alarms just as important as any other fire protection equipment, including emergency lighting.

Emergency Exit Alarms
Dependable Fire Equipment serves the Chicago Metropolitan community with professional, code-compliant emergency exit alarm installation services to protect residents in the case of a life-threatening emergency.

Panic Bar Alarms
Panic bar alarms can be installed on virtually any of your existing doors. Once your entrances and exits are protected by professionally installed panic bar alarms, your business will benefit from increased security as well as heightened emergency protection.

Panic Bar Inspection
Panic bar installation should be considered the first step of the process, not the last! Once your emergency exits are properly equipped with panic bars, you’ll need to schedule routine inspections in order to ensure that they’re functional and compliant with the latest fire code standards. Dependable Fire Equipment offers reliable panic bar inspection to ensure that your business and its occupants are always protected.