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Fire Types & Classes

Fires are not equal in their intensity or their strength. Fires are described by the types of materials that are being consumed before the fire is contained. These different types of materials are assigned a classification as specific types, or “classes,” of fires. Different types of fires consume different combinations of flammable or combustible materials. Different types of fire extinguishers are used to contain specific classes of fires.

Class A Fires - Ordinary Combustible Fires

Class B Fires - Flammable Liquid Fires

Class C Fires - Electrical Equipment Fires

Class D Fires - Metal Fires

Class K Fires - Combustible Cooking Fluid & Wet Chemical Fires

For most businesses an ABC (multipurpose) fire extinguisher will be sufficient enough to put out most fires types and keep the building up to code. However, restaurants may require a class K extinguisher. To find out how to protect your company properly against fire, contact Dependable Fire Equipment today for a professional assessment.