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Fire Sprinkler Company

Fire Sprinkler Company - Waukegan IL - Dependable Fire Equipment

For over 50 years, we are the preferred fire sprinkler company in the greater Chicago area. In the heart of the bustling Chicago metropolis, your business’s safety is paramount. At Dependable Fire Equipment, we understand this urgency and are dedicated to providing top-tier fire sprinkler solutions tailored for Windy City’s diverse enterprises. 

Our valued partners prioritize your peace of mind, delivering state-of-the-art systems that ensure rapid response during critical moments. With a robust track record of safeguarding Chicago’s businesses, our reputation is built on reliability, precision, and unwavering commitment. Choose Dependable Fire Equipment, because when it comes to fire safety, Chicago trusts only the best.

Fire Sprinkler System Inspection & Installation

Fire Sprinkler Company - Waukegan IL - Dependable Fire Equipment

Fire sprinkler systems are effective in extinguishing fires both big and small. While many people hold the misconception that fire sprinklers are triggered by smoke and are therefore unreliable, today’s high-tech fire sprinkler systems are actually activated by high heat temperatures, making them quite predictable.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

Dependable Fire Equipment’s valued partners offer premium fire sprinkler installation for businesses in and around Chicago land. Our quality fire sprinklers are designed to put out just enough water to extinguish the fire—no more, no less. You’ll never have to worry about unnecessary water damage caused by an overreaction to a small fire.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Dependable Fire Equipment offers thorough inspections of your existing fire sprinkler systems. You can count on our valued partners trained technician to ensure that all parts of the system are functioning optimally for your safety and protection in the case of an emergency. Fire sprinkler inspection services include:

Fire Sprinkler Company - Waukegan IL - Dependable Fire Equipment

  • Dry fire sprinkler system inspection and certification
  • Wet fire sprinkler system inspection and certification
  • Standpipe test and certification
  • Fire pump test and certification
  • Obstruction testing
  • Weekly churn test
  • Anti-freeze loop test
  • Drum drips inspection
  • Fire hydrant flush and inspection


After our thorough inspection, you will receive a Fire Sprinkler Test Certification for your records. This certification will provide proof of code compliance and protect you from any liability. Whether you need a new fire sprinkler installed or an existing one inspected, Dependable Fire Equipment is dedicated to providing you with the most professional and cost-effective solution in Chicagoland.


Our technician will check hoses for damage and debris. The hose will be inspected to insure that it is properly racked in the cabinet and that the nozzle is correctly attached. If the hose is due for testing our technician will either replace it with a new hose or unrack the hoses and bring them to our facility where we will unreel and inspect the hose, couplings and nozzles to assure they are free of debris and exhibit no evidence of mildew, rot, cuts, abrasion, etc. The hoses will be hydrostatically tested and dried. This service meets NFPA 1962 Standards. The hoses will then be returned to your facility and re-racked.

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